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    Learning Community to Design and Teach Quality Online Courses

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    If you are designing or redesigning a fully online course that you plan to teach in the next year or two, consider joining a free faculty learning community to explore and implement research-based online course design and teaching best practices.

    Collaborate with UW-Madison instructors and instructional designers through online modules and face-to-face sessions focused on designing and teaching fully online courses.

    Goals of the Learning Community

    • Provide an authentic online learning environment to experience pedagogical and technological best practices.
    • Prepare faculty to meet the challenges of designing and teaching quality online courses.
    • Bring together instructors from across campus to share ideas, experiences, successes, and challenges.

    The learning community includes two courses: “Plan & Design” and “Facilitation & Management.” You can participate in one or both.

    For questions, please contact the TeachOnline@UW  project manager, Karen Skibba, at karen.skibba@wisc.edu

    “This is by far the best course
    I have ever taken! Everything presented in TeachOnline@UW provided me with critical skills I need to develop and teach a high-quality course!”

    More Feedback & Reflections

    Plan & Design
    Fall 2020 (details below)
    Applications being accepted
    Online course with webinar sessions

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    Topics: organizing an online course, developing learning objectives, assessment strategies, instructional materials, and learning activities

    More about Plan & Design

    Facilitation & Management
    Summer 2020 (details below) & Fall 2020
    Applications being accepted
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    Explore and put into practice techniques, strategies, and practices to identify and hone your plan for connecting with students and managing your live online course.

    Topics: managing course workload, planning student communication, building online learning communities, creating orientation materials, and facilitating student participation and engagement

    More about Facilitation & Management